Motorbike Madness

In many countries the pickup truck is the basic mode of transport, for businesses and families alike, but in the Far East (particularly Thailand and Vietnam) it is the motorbike.  That means you’re going to see some pretty weird things on a motorbike, from entire families to massive stacks of boxed goods or even animals – dead and alive.

I look forward to any journey by road so I can watch out for something even crazier than I saw yesterday.  I have added some of the pics and movie clips already and will keep adding any new ones as I see them. Here is one for starters (notice the child as well as the massive load!). I think I will start a caption competition for these pics. I have popped a few on there but I am sure others could come up with some more humorous lines! For now just add a comment to the actual pic and I will use the best ones.

A credit here to Colin who took a good few of these shots – and spent much of our time travelling together in Vietnam with his head and camera perilously poking through the car or cab window waiting to capture these bizarre shots – and simultaneously letting all the expensively conditioned air out!

Click here to see the complete Motorbike Madness gallery.


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