Street Food – Gao Lao

Gao Lao is the essence of Thai street food. It’s a Thai soup without noodles. A bit like a cheeseburger with no cheese? Yes maybe. But it’s a tasty and nutritious broth laden with vegetables, spices and the meat or seafood of your choice, the most commonly available with “moo” (Thai for pork) yes ironic I know!

Most sellers will throw in a side of uncooked salad as garnish, typically bean sprouts and Thai Sweet Basil, shown here. Expect to pay 40 TBH (about £0.90 in 2016 money) at the roadside.

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One thought on “Street Food – Gao Lao”

  1. Nice pics. Yes noodle soup and gao lao (gao Laos? is a staple food in Thailand just like other countries out there (eg pho bo is in Vietnam). would prob cost about £8 in a Thai joint in the UK!

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