Pad Si Yew

Pad Si Yew is a simple but classic Thai dish of silky smooth wide flat noodles and chicken, pork or seafood. It might possibly be classified as Thai fast food because it can be prepared in a few minutes. But in any decent restaurant or even on the street in Thailand it will always be made fresh.

Here is a very nice Pad Si Yew Gai (with chicken), no sugar or MSG, that I had from Ta Juap – a typical shanty, side street restaurant in Pratumnak, Pattaya. Rumour has it that this tiny place takes orders from the Thai Royal Residence down on the beach, and that the Royals send here for a takeaway whenever they are in town!

The only thing to watch out for with this, and lots of other Thai food, is that they insist on putting in sugar and MSG – unless you tell them not too! I learned early on in my time in Thailand to ask “mai sai nam than” (don’t put sugar) and “mai sai pong shu rot” (don’t put MSG) !

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