Roads less travelled in Cambodia

Cambodia’s famed and much visited temple at Angkor Wat is becoming so clogged by tourists that many people report that they could not enjoy the visit there. But I have heard from fellow travellers that there are literally thousands of temples and other historical sites in Cambodia which are off the beaten tourist track and can be enjoyed in a much more relaxed way.

The BBC has a short video report on just this subject, which if you are planning a trip to Cambodia, is well worth a look. It could save you queuing up with thousands of other tourists and better still give you a glimpse of the yet unspoiled treasures of this country.

I feel sure that by choosing these “roads less travelled” you get to see a lot more of the “real” country and its people. This type of travel appeals to me far more than well-trodden tourist hot-spots. So I am now planning to get off the beaten track in┬áCambodia during March┬ábefore making my way through the North of the country and into southern Thailand in time for the water celebrations of Songkran in April – but well away from the tourist traps of Phuket and the like!

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