Stormy but warm January 

.. in Chon Buri Thailand. Since the New Year the pattern of the weather has been cloudy with a bit of rain most days  or even a heavy storm. Still being warm , it dries quickly and the lower daytime temperatures are welcome to most people. And because it’s not heating up in the day time the night time temperatures are a pleasantly cool 24 – 27 C. 

One downside has been a rise in the number of mosquitoes. I was bitten  3 times in the night by one must have slipped into the apartment and now discover I’ve  just acquired two new ones on my foot while sitting on the balcony writing this! That’s in spite of using mosquito spray – or possibly not applying it properly.

Fortunately in these developed parts of Thailand there’s no malaria or dengue fever so it’s only the itching  you have to worry about. 

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