Skye’s The Limit

More and more I am finding that the impulse to travel somewhere can come from a quite unexpected  source. Stunt bike rider Danny MacAskill has just produced a stunning short film “Way Back Home” showcasing his incredible talent  against a backdrop of amazing scenery in Scotland and his home the island of Skye. 

Watch the video in HD (and full-screen) if you have a decent speed broadband. The music is quite haunting too. The Scottish Tourist Board could not have done a better job quite frankly, and judging by some of the outspoken comments from some of the youngsters on YouTube (here are just a couple) most people agree.

proud to be scottish 🙂

Skye – heaven on earth !

No more constant gaming for me!! No more unreal time waste. No more. World is calling me!

The scenery in this vid is F***IN epic! 

People who know me will know that I am also partial to the odd glass of malt whisky.  So I find myself hatching a plan to travel up by car (or maybe motorbike) through some of the further flung reaches of Scotland, by way of a few distilleries, and eventually to Skye to take in the amazing scenery and possibly a dram or three of Skye’s own very characteristic malt Talisker.

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