Dive trip to Koh Kuon, Cambodia

Just off the coast of Sihanoukville are a number of islands frequented by divers, snorkellers and people who just want to experience the simple, chilled-out The Beach type life that these islands do so well. Tiny Koh Kuon (it means “baby island”) is one of the smallest. It has some nice reefs for diving, with barrel sponges, fan and lettuce coral, but was a bit light on marine life – that day anyway. The visibilty was variable (6-10m), but it is coming into the wet season here in Cambodia, so it was to be expected.

NB The audio is very poor on the boat footage because I left the camera inside the underwater housing. Oops.

Although not the cheapest, at $85 for a 2-dive day-trip, when others are $65, Scuba Nation, based near Serendipity Beach, are a friendly and professional bunch, with two decent boats and a good standard of dive kit. They will go out for just for just one diver, although there were four of us that day – quite a lot probably for low-season. I did an Enriched Air – Nitrox course with them, and the teaching and practical was thorough. My only criticism is that the Nitrox cylinders were not correctly marked green/yellow, etc with EAN decal and tag. A bit of masking tape does not come up to the PADI standards emphasised so strongly in the course!

Apart from getting horrible blisters on my toes from badly fitting fins, it was a great day out. The other divers, Romy, Katie and Rob were a good bunch, and the Divemaster, Fab, was really helpful and friendly. He took the video of the jellyfish snorkelling. Well, er he was snorkelling, not the jellyfish, if you see what I mean.

Back at the port, the Khmer children were a delight! They weren’t begging or selling, just loved interacting with the foreigners. They held me hostage until they I had shown them all the video I took of them, which prompted howls of laughter. I nearly missed the dive mini-bus back to town!

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