Cambodia visa run – day trip to Vietnam

A Cambodian tourist visa lasts 30 days and can be renewed for another month. After this the only way to stay in Cambodia is to leave and then come back. Long-term tourists and expats in Thailand, Cambodia and other countries will be familiar with the “visa run”. Basically you travel to the border, leave the country maybe for just an hour, and then return to apply for a new visa.

I had been in Cambodia, travelling slowly, for the maximum 60 days and the only option for me to stay in Cambodia was to travel from Kampot where I was staying, 50 km to the border with Vietnam. For the last third of the journey the road is unsealed and full of ruts and potholes, which when full of water are impossible to see. In a tuk tuk it made for a wet and bone jarring ride. I’m only glad I chose, so that I could more easily take pictures, not to make the journey on my rented motorbike.

Even in the rain the scenery was sublime and despite being soaked through for most of the day it was an experience not to be missed. Note to self – get one of those cheap plastic cagoules!


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5 thoughts on “Cambodia visa run – day trip to Vietnam”

  1. You could have got a business Vise which is $5 more than the tourist one. You can then renew in country without going out.

  2. Yes you are very right about the Business Visa – it is the best way for anyone to stay in Cambodia long-term. Its a shame they don’t publicise the 2 type of visa when you arrive. Good tip though. Thx. Paul

  3. Thanks for sharing. My wife & I spent quite a bit of time being driven around by our favourite tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia -Elvis in Phnom Penh, and Saly in Siem Reap -in 2007. Great guys, and great experiences.

  4. I agree Ben. A good driver (tuktuk or taxi) can add a lot to your experience of a place. Well worth finding one you get one with and keeping his number in your phone! I recommend the young guy from kampot (in the movie) – Bonthy 077672582. I have a list of good, reliable (and cheap!) tuktuk drivers in other parts of Cambodia for anyone who wants it! 😉

  5. I loved the video clip ..clear ..watchable very good.. reminded me of the good times over the past 5 years i have been going to cambodia you should have had a night stop in the casino at the border

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